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About Us

Our Vision

The vision of our school is to nurture the children in our community. They will foster and develop creative thinking and an enjoyment of learning as part of the journey towards becoming lifelong learners. They will understand the need to be healthy, how to stay safe and learn the skills to do so. We will encourage them to make a positive contribution to their community and society through developing good manners, co-operation and communication skills.

Aims of the School

Our aim is to deliver our vision using the theme of a “River of Learning”. This will be a journey that is interesting and varied and one that prepares children for the next stages and challenges in their lives. It should be a journey of both excellence and enjoyment, personalising and fulfilling the needs of everyone who travels its path. Starting as a stream, it will meander and grow in strength and depth, transporting children onwards to the next stage in their journey. Ultimately we want every child’s learning to flow.

Core Values

Fundamental to delivering this aim are our core values which are key to the personal and social development of the whole child. We define core values as the principles that we see as valuable or important in life. These comprise; healthy attitudes towards keeping fit and understanding your feelings; understanding personal safety and the feelings of others; enjoying learning, a sense of discovery and creativity; making a positive contribution by being cooperative, helping others and developing good manners; and helping to achieve their own well-being by being well organised, showing resilience and understanding risk.