We take great pride in our children’s behaviour. We like to think that our strong home-school partnership plays a major part in encouraging the highest standards of behaviour. Our school’s ‘Five Promises’ are set out in the Prospectus and our ‘ethos’ assemblies ensure we have a consistent focus on positive values, not on punitive consequences.

Anti Bullying

Bullying is not an acceptable or inevitable part of growing up and it will not be tolerated. Our Anti-Bullying Policy sets out all we do to prevent bullying, as well as responding appropriately when we suspect that negative behaviour is being targeted at individuals or groups. We hold an Anti Bullying Week every year and we hope everyone in our school community feels able to speak up and speak out against bullying.


We try to keep your children safe from cyber-bullying, protect them from harmful or illegal content and teach them to be responsible cyber-citizens. In this increasingly digital world, these essential life-skills cannot be overlooked or taken for granted. We recommend the Childnet resources for parents as a very useful starting point when discussing online safety at home.

We send monthly information to parents to keep you informed of the latest information about keeping your child safe online.

September 2018

Peer Mediators

We have selected and trained a group of older children to help deal with minor squabbles and the everyday arguments that occur on the playground. They use simple techniques to help de-escalate conflict and encourage their peers to deal with the difficulty and move forwards. School staff are always on hand to help, but it is a real pleasure to watch young children work out solutions to their own problems. See here for more details on our Peer Mediation Scheme.

Child Protection

The safety and well-being of your children are our top priority and we are committed to working with other agencies to ensure all children are kept free from harm. A copy of our Child Protection policy can be made available on request.

We are one of the schools taking part in Operation Encompass. This is a liaison between the school and the Police – the Police notify the school when a child has been involved in or exposed to domestic abuse. This information enables us to support both the child and their family. See our letter to parents here.

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