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Classes and Curriculum

At Rustington we have 17 classes, each named after a different country. As the children move up through the school, they move through various country names and get to know a wide range of cultures, customs and languages. We take a thematic approach to our curriculum, balancing the basic skills with an ever-widening understanding of the world. This helps us develop our global understanding and provides a framework for a range of cross-cultural activities, such as Dance or Art weeks. It also helps us with our ‘River of Learning’ and clicking on each Year group will show their ‘Learning Journeys’ for the year ahead, setting out our school’s curriculum;

Foundation Stage: England, Wales & Scotland
Year 1: France, Germany & Spain
Year 2: Finland, Denmark & Sweden
Year 3: Egypt & Kenya
Year 4: Argentina & Mexico
Year 5: Nepal & India
Year 6: USA & Canada

As a school we have fully embraced the National Curriculum, more details of which can be found here. Anyone who wishes to know more can contact the school office for further information about our curriculum policies.