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picFrom the moment we are born we all begin a journey of lifelong learning.  This journey starts at home under the guidance of parents and carers and continues with the support of many others, including childminders, playgroups and nursery schools.

Rustington Community Primary School then takes children from Year R through to Year 6 on a small but important part of this lifelong learning journey.  We aim to do this in partnership with parents and carers, acknowledging the learning that has taken place, and continues to take place, beyond the school gates.

Learning is not something that is neat and tidy.  It does not start at 9.00am and finish at 3.30pm or stop at weekends.  It ebbs and flows, slows down and speeds up and, as much as we might want it to, does not fit into neatly wrapped packages.  The role of the school is to take this learning and channel it, as far as it will allow, into a structured route.

For these reasons we have developed “Rustington – A River of Learning” and its aim is to simplify of the complicated process of learning for teachers, parents and, above all, for children.

Children come to the school from a variety of backgrounds of experiences.  Each of these can be viewed as a stream feeding into the river.  Once in school children begin to travel a similar journey and therefore become part of “A River of Learning”.   Rivers are not simple; they twist and turn, they meander and trickle, flowing back and forth.  Children’s learning will follow a similar journey and their learning will also meander, trickle and flow, changing pace as they go through different stages of development.  The role of the school is to keep channelling that learning in the right direction and at the right pace so that children reach the end of Year 6 having achieved the best that they possibly can.  Here, having reached the mouth of the river, they can move on and continue their lifelong learning journey in whatever direction it may take them.

Our aim is for “A River of Learning” to be a journey that is interesting and varied and one that prepares children for the next stages and challenges in their lives.  It should be a journey of both excellence and enjoyment and fulfil the needs of every child who travels its path.  Ultimately we want every child’s learning to flow.