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Letter to top schools…!

Mr White writes:

‘Whenever I get a letter from some chap at the DfE I usually scan through it, mutter a bit, then file it under ‘R’ for recycling. This letter arrived a few weeks back so I copied it to the staffroom notice board and then it lay undisturbed in a pile until today. Out of curiosity, I rang the number to ask more about it. I spoke to a young lady called Melanie and she explained that the Regional Schools Commissioner (South East) monitors the performance of academy schools from Hampshire across to Kent, and from Brighton up to Bromley. Based on outstanding academic results last summer, the Commissioner wrote to just 22 primary schools to congratulate them, representing the top performing 3% of schools in the south east. I almost dropped the phone! Top 3%? Wow! If Melanie had asked me how we did it, I would have said that you get a top team of committed staff, combine it with the huge support of parents and the talents of our wonderfully creative children … et voila! I have shared it with the staff and now I share it with you. Thank you for all your generous support in helping us achieve so much.’

RSC October 2014