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Treasure box


We thought we would do something symbolic with our building work to mark this significant change and we’d like to invite all our families to play a part. While we still have the chance, we’d like to bury a ‘box of treasure’ underneath the new building before they pour the concrete floor. The box will contain a postcard from every child currently at the school, entitled ‘A message to the future’.

If you want to get involved, simply get your child to write a message to the future on a postcard and get it to us by Wednesday 12th October. Any postcard will do and we don’t mind what you write. It might be a wish for the future of our world, or a hope for future generations, or a simple statement of what things are like in 2016. We will put all the postcards in a big tin box and bury it under the foundations. It’s highly unlikely that it will ever be dug up, but the thought that we have left something permanent, written by our children, seems like a great thing to do.

We will arrange for some photographs to record the event and we hope as many of you as possible will feel able to take part. Please make sure your postcards are in to your child’s teacher on Wednesday 12th, as we hope to bury the treasure box on Thursday 13th October.